Together for strengthening human capability in rural areas throughout Lebanon

معا لتعزيز القدرة البشرية في المناطق الريفية
في جميع أنحاء لبنان

We encourage the retention of a cohesive social fabric and economic model to mitigate against the outmigration of traditional inhabitant rural populations in Lebanon.

Who we are

The Lebanese Development Cooperative was founded by Lebanese Christian Maronite ecclesiast, interfaith coexistence advocate and renowned theologian Father Youakim Moubarak in unison with a charitable fraternity of 400 faithful devotees in the year 1992.

What we do

The cooperative offers the rural community of Lebanese Christians a platform to sustain their ongoing business or to grow plausible business opportunities by loan application incentives provided  through our state wide micro-credit financing programs.

Get involved

The cooperative’s operations capital is purely based on open donations and sponsorships from charitable individuals and organizations around the globe.
See how you can join our cause and hopefully contribute to our social mission.


loan applications implemented
Individuals helped
Rural areas covered